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Universal Music Italia

Universal Music Italy is part of Universal Music Group, the leading record company in the world.

The official website of Universal Music Italy was subject to a major redesign. A deep analysis of the navigation flow of the last two years led to the decision to prioritize the sections most visited by users, combining them with those considered most important for the company's business. This reference model gave rise to a new menu with only four main items, instead channeling the less used ones onto a secondary menu.

The site proposes a new User Interface declined in different solutions based on the devices used: depending on the viewport, the pages always show the right amount of content to avoid unnecessary navigation clicks on touch devices, as well as too long scrolls on narrower devices.

The tremendous visual potential of the company was exploited by inserting photos, covers, and videos of the artists in a clean and non-invasive container space.

The new site revolutionizes and enhances the User Experience.

This Redesign involved all the official communication tools, site and newsletter, to give visual, graphic and emotional continuity.