We create forms of communication to present your projects in an immediate and impressive fashion.
Since 1999, our mission is to find the right alchemy between the astonishing and the process of simplifying.
Our main fields of expertise are Web image and operations, Corporate Image, Design.
With operational headquarters in Milan and in the Emilia region, we collaborate with ambitious customers ranging from medium/small enterprises to multinational companies.


Since 1999, we work in the field of Visual Communication: Web Design and Development, Corporate Image & Branding, Media Marketing and Music Artwork. We believe a tight relationship exists between design and success. An intuitive, intelligent and emotional design exalts the image of a company, supports its commercial goals, enhances its online services and facilitates its online promotion.


Clean programming code, prompt loading times and perfect page visualization on every device: these are the foundations of our design logic. If the customization of a project requires it, and for the purpose of optimizing updating operations, we can also realize the entire CMS ad hoc.


A website is valueless if not tracked by search engines. Its strength is the combination of thrilling form and performing substance, designed to find a position among the first search engine results. A constant analysis of the behaviour of search engines and their variations over the course of time allows us to improve the website's visibility and to optimize its web positioning.


"Usability is the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use". ISO 9241-11:1998”.

A study of the psychology of the potential user is the next step for designing a project capable of achieving maximum efficacy. We identify the typologies of website users, we trace their possible navigation itineraries and minimize the number of clicks, to guarantee the highest usability levels.


Our Corporate Image projects go beyond the mere realization of a logo: we support the company's communications in every aspect and distrust the trends of the moment.

Our starting point is a complete study of the company, its history, setting and reference target. Our goal is to strengthen its identity and value, without deviating from its original mission. We provide a new look for the company's soul.


Great performers such as Guè Pequeno, Edoardo Bennato, Fabri Fibra, Marracash, Club Dogo, Mondo Marcio, Franco Battiato, Negrita, Max Gazzè, Paola Turci, Bloody Beetroots, Verdena, have entrusted us with their Artwork projects.

This particular type of visual communication dedicated to music must be capable of transforming sound and the artist's personality into images.


Animations are intended to make communication easier, not to hinder it.
When these are used on the web, they must not make browsing difficult; quite the contrary, animations are intended to simplify browsing by making the whole experience entertaining.

We create HTML 5 animations for websites which require a strong emotional impact.
We create short videos for important Adword or Facebook campaigns.
We design and create videos for corporate presentations.

filippo vezzali

Filippo Vezzali founded his Filippo Vezzali Digital Creative Agency in Milan, in 1999. Since then, he has directed a professional team capable of working in conditions of great synergy. Filippo's philosophy places customers at the heart of every creative process: we care about being in contact with our customers, learning of their requests and sharing the work phases with them, step by step.
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