LOMA Design System for addressable OTT channel websites

corporate & graphics

Warner Bros. Discovery

The project's mission is to create a robust Design System that serves as a basic structure for an increasing number of vertical websites of Warner Bros. Discovery across Europe, dedicated to the web-based consumption of on-demand video content.

The LOMA Design System is based on the principles of Atomic Design, in which each macro-object is composed of multiple sub-objects, and is designed to easily create OTT instances with an extraordinary User Experience.

The Style Guide of each individual channel website is derived from the "white label" Design System and includes the complete UI structure: from typography, icon sets, and brand colors to complete page layouts.

LOMA is already live for the following channels websites:

- Italy: NOVE, RealTime, DMAX, Discovery Channel, GialloMotorTrendWarner TV, WBD Corporate

- Germany: TLC, DMAX, HGTV, Animal Planet, Tele 5

- Spain: DMAX, Discovery Channel

- Portugal: Discovery Channel

The LOMA logo was specifically designed during the project.